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*Please note that the minimum age to take a class with us is 16 years old.

Package A


An introduction to throwing pottery on the potter's wheel.

This class lasts approximately one hour and 30 minutes. Please bring a towel for your lap. For an introductory class you will learn the basics of throwing pottery. We will focus on centering the clay, compressing the bottoms of your pots and pulling up the wall to form a cylinder. You will make a cup and a bowl. You are provided with two balls of clay. Not everyone ends up with two pieces, but we will certainly try to get you there. When you have finished your lesson, you will clean up your station and choose your glaze colors; one color per piece. After you leave, your pieces are trimmed, dried, bique fired, glazed, glazed fired, and packaged for pick-up. This entire process takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Ages 16+.

Package B


A full 8-week class. One day per week, three hours per day.

Each class includes three hours of instruction. Students are expected to execute their class, clean their station and finish any projects necessary within the three hours provided. Any additional instruction or studio use is $20.00 per hour. Students will have access to: MQP studio glazes (commercial glazes and underglazes are not included in this class), all regular bisque and glaze firings, all studio tools, and one pottery wheel. Your box of clay (for purchase separately for $30+tax for 50lbs) is non-refundable. If all the clay is not used in the class, you are welcome to take it with you or leave it to be recycled. If clay is left behind for more than two weeks, it is added to recycling. If pots are left behind for more than 60 days, they will be discarded. Ages 16+.

Package C


Monthly studio space allows the experienced potter unlimited access to the studio and its equipment during business hours and the rental of a shelf in the studio. 

The included studio equipment is as follows: wheels, slab roller, extruder, kiln firings, and MQP glazes. Clay and commercial glazes and underglazes and not included. Wheel and slab roller access is first come, first serve. If you do not pay your fee, your shelf will be surrendered and its contents will be kept for two weeks. After two weeks, if you fail to retrieve your pieces, they will be discarded. This option does not include instruction; you must be knowledgeable enough to work on your own. This studio is not intended for production work*. Ages 18+.

Wine & Wheel

$48.oo per person

A private event held on Friday or Saturday evenings at 6pm. These nights are BYOB. The event must have a minimum of 4 tickets to be held and cannot exceed 12 tickets. One spot must be purchased to hold desired date.

This night is a private event to make pottery with friends. It is done as an introductory class, with each participant getting two 2-lb balls of clay to try and make a piece. Our instruction will focus on centering the clay, compressing the bottom, and pulling up the walls to create either a cup or a bowl. This event lasts approximately 2 hours, including clean up. After the class, your instructor will determine when your pieces are dry enough to trim, fire, glaze, and fire once more. This process takes between 2 and 6 weeks. There is no need to check in on your pieces, when they are ready to be picked up we will contact you! These nights fill up fast, so contact us AT LEAST three weeks before your desired date. Ages 21+.

Mug Class

$48.00 Per Person

We plan to host this class once a month. Please keep checking back for our next available class.

A one time class to make 2 hand-built mugs.

In this class you will learn how to make two mugs from clay slabs. You choose the design and color and you keep both after they’ve been fired! The class is BYOB, so grab a friend and a favorite drink and join us at Mud Queen for some dirty fun! **Please note: This is NOT a wheel throwing class. This class will typically take place once a month on Friday or Saturday at 6pm. There are 8 spots available.

Please note, that while we appreciate the unique perspective children bring to the art community, we do not offer children’s classes. The minimum age to take a class with us is 16 years old.

*‘Production work’ is an amount of work exceeding ‘hobby’ standards. This quantity is specified at the discretion of the owners.